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Lessons for using Beat Blocks to teach Rhythm and Meter. These are designed for all elementary grade levels. Pitch, Harmony, and Dynamics coming soon!

Using books in the music class not only promotes literacy but also provides highly engaging lessons. This book not only shares lessons used on children's literature, but it also teaches you how to break down the structure of a book and create your own lessons!

Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math... sounds like a totally different class that you teach, right? Wrong! You already teach STEAM! This book will provide education on just what STEAM is as well as lessons from grades K-8 that use a variety of tech (or no tech at all). 

How do I make my own?

Watch this quick how-to guide that covers finding a good deal on blocks, getting a template, printing, and affixing rhythms. It answers the most frequently asked questions about Beat Blocks. 

What are these?

Kids need to be makers and do-ers. Beat Blocks help make the abstract concrete. Watch this trailer to see just what these are all about. 

Macro Beat
Finished project
DIY project
Build a chord
Recorders use them too
Beat Blocks USA
Beat Blocks Around the World!
Board Visual
2/4 time

Beat Blocks are a great tool.  Composing, improvisation, and rhythm development are all made easier with this visual tool.  My students can arrange new rhythms and understand how rhythms and notes fit with the beats.  I would highly recommend Beat Blocks for any general music classroom. 

Joanna Quinn
Substitute Teacher

Heather Wietrecki

Middle School Chorus

Jennifer Kamradt

K-5 Music


I am a substitute teacher. I have used Beat Blocks in music classes at two different elementary schools. The students love all of the activities that we  have done with the blocks. The lesson plans are easy to follow, even without any music experience.

My 6th, 7th & 8th grade students all love Beat Blocks. They easily subdivide note values with the visual aid of the blocks and quickly began to create rhythm patterns unsolicited as they collaborated in groups. And they were so excited to play with the blocks!

I showed them to one of my principals and he was impressed with the concept. I've used them with my first and second graders. They absolutely loved them! The possibilities are endless. The kids had such a great time showing how they can create and interpret rhythm patterns.

Christine Thorsen

Elementary Music


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