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Tech Connections


Technology is an integral part of my classroom. Not only does it allow students to engage and interact with music in new ways, but it also makes my life easier. I use the SAMR tech model to reflect on the effectiveness of my tech integration as well as the purpose of including it in a lesson. Remember, pedagogy comes first and tech second.


For more information on the SAMR model and ways to incorporate technology into your classroom in a meaningful way, check out my tech website below. 


I have also recently completed a 66 page fully interactive iBook of lessons and ideas for Beat Blocks. If tech isn't really your thing, use this book to print off QR codes ready for your students, use the included keynote presentations, as well as audio and visual aids for new lessons. The book covers beat, note subdivisions, meter, melody, harmony, and dynamics. 

At a recent GCAOSA chapter meeting, Mark Britt presenting his interactive presentation on Beat Blocks. His Smartboard files created opportunities for learners of all abilities to engage in Beat Block building using lessons from the method book as well as original ideas. Mark was gracious enough to offer his Smartboard files as a download on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. If you're interested in purchasing it, click the link below. It is a very high-quality presentation packed with ideas ready to use, and he also has other fantastic interactive files available for you as well. 


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