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New lesson idea on meter

I recently came across this adorable book while at the Illinois Music Educator's Conference in Peoria, IL. It was one of those "ah ha!" moments you long for as a teacher. While reading the simple text (only the 4 words you see in the title), I saw each page as a seek-and-find meter activity. By rearraning the order of the words or taking some away, students can discover how meter can be grouped in 2's and 4's. Here are the questions I plan to ask my little ones:

Is "apple" a quarter note or two eighth notes on a beat? Find those blocks!

Are there two words or 4 words? Which measure do we need for this page?

This could easily become a song if set to a piece from the Orff volumes, or just a simple composed pentatonic or so-mi song. And what do you do for a B section? Why, pick a meter and compose!

I'll be developing this lesson more and trying it with my little ones in class soon!

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